Guest Post: Why you should use organic skincare

Monday, May 7, 2012

Using organic skin care not only helps you to reduce your daily exposure to synthetic chemicals, but is also a very effective therapeutic approach for restoring balance in your skin and allowing your skin’s own natural health and vitality to emerge
Many holistic therapies are based on the principle that nature heals and recognizes that the body has an innate intelligence with the ability to heal itself and recover its vitality if we support the body (which includes the skin, our largest organ) and provide it with what it needs.

Many conventional skin care products contain preservatives, colours, fragrance and other synthetic ingredients that can interfere with the skin's healthy functions and upset its natural balance.

The plant oils and herbal extracts which organic plant based skincare products are formulated from are naturally packed with active nutrients that feed the skin, which the skin loves. Many people notice that long term skin conditions and imbalances slowly begin to clear up when they start using organic skincare.

If you want to improve your long term health and beauty choosing organic natural skin care in combination with a healthy lifestyle is a good way to start.
Beauty blog by Penny Lomatschinsky- Founder and Managing Director of Penny Badger Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare for Sensitive Skin.  Penny Badger Botanicals Skincare created for sensitive and problem skin, is a new 95% Organic range of nourishing skincare high in active botanicals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and skin calming extracts.

After living with persistently sensitive skin that eventually developed into Acne Rosacea, creator Penny Lomatschinsky was driven to make her own formulations resulting in the ‘Simplicity’ range with her unique ‘Calming Complex’.  Much testing later, the products are finally for sale. Unlike some so-called natural ranges, ‘Simplicity’ range is free from parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and colour.

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