Weekend Challenge: Up the ante

Friday, April 27, 2012

For the most part, I hope this website encourages you to get active and make healthier lifestyle choices.  I don't want to leave out those seasoned athletes, however, or those that have been with me since day one.  This weekend's challenge is going to step it up a notch.

From now until Sunday night, I challenge you to go for one 30 minute walk or run. But wait... there's more!

Every time you pass a bench, please do 10 tricep dips and 10 push ups (easy = hands on back of bench, med = on bench seat, hard = feet on bench and hands on ground).

Every time you have to stop at a light, do jumping jacks/star jumps until you can safely cross the road.

Every time you pass a fire hydrant or mail box, do 10 squats.  Go low! Get the thigh parallel to the ground if you can.

This adventure should be mildly entertaining to you and your neighbors.  If you want to up the ante even more, do it three times this weekend.  Have fun with it!

Photo courtesy of http://katielouisedoyle.wordpress.com


  1. I love your Weekend Challenges, such a fun way to mix up a long run!

    And sharing the blog-love, here is a little virtual award for PTMollie.com : http://diaryofadashinista.com/2012/04/29/liebster-award/


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