Guest Post: What goes around comes back around- Like a hula hoop!

Monday, April 23, 2012

As a child, I could never get to grips with hula hooping.  I was always envious of the other girls and boys who made it look so simple. I tried and tried until I eventually gave up....

That was until I attended a fitness weekender.  Hula fit was on the agenda and finally after 20 years I had the courage to try again. 
I was completely amazed when I picked up the skill instantly.  It felt so good getting into a rhythm with the hoop.  We tried walking, turning and some basic tricks.  The class was full of giggles.  We looked like chickens trying to walk and hoop! I knew from that moment that I was completely addicted. 
As a personal trainer, I am always looking at new ways to encourage people to get active.  I have realised that for a significant proportion of people they are more like to stick to exercise if they perceive it to be fun.  So I bought a hula hoop and a month later I started Hula Honeys  -  a hula hoop fitness group in Brighton.
Initially, people were nervous about whether they would be able to keep the hoop up.  But the hoops used are larger and heavier than children’s plastic ones.  This means they rotate slower around your waist making it easy to get going.  Just like me, after one class the ladies became hooked and I started more classes across Brighton.
As well as the classes, I bring hoops to health and well-being events, to festivals, hen do’s and parties.  We recently had 20 Hula Honeys hooping the Sport Relief Mile.  It was such a fantastic day raising money for Sport Relief!
Sometimes I just bring the hoops to the park.  Within minutes people come over to play with me. Hooping appeals to all ages from babies mesmerised in a pram to super seniors who love to give it a whirl.
Hula hooping builds self confidence and brings out that fun, sassy and sexy side of us ladies. The rhythmic motion of the hoop is said to remind us of being rocked as a baby.  The hoop massages your body as it loops around you.  It also is said to create new connections in your brain as you learn new tricks.  This is meant to help improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s. 
More importantly, hooping is a good cardiovascular workout.   You can burn around 500kcals in a session.  It tones legs, arms, abs and back.  It improves balance, flexibility and coordination.   It is also quite meditative.  When I hoop by myself, I forget everything else and just focus on the moment.
If you haven’t tried it yet... what are you waiting for?

Thirty year old Kim Sibbald is a personal trainer & hula hoop class instructor for Hula Honeys, a Brighton-based company that is soon moving to Edinburgh.  She is passionate about improving people's physical, emotional and mental health through exercise!

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  1. I love doing the Hula Hoop, enjoyed it ever since I was young. I have one in my room now, and do it for 10 mins whenever I feel like I've been sitting for too long, or on a rainy day! :)


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