Product Review: Green People's Self Tanning Lotion

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is starting to blossom as the weather turns a bit warmer and the sun is shining overhead (where are my sunglasses?). We are dusting off shorts and tank tops (aka vests) and dreaming of our soon-to-be-booked summer beach holiday. But as you put on your favorite sun dress, you are blinded by glaring white skin! Your tan from last summer has completely vanished. You look as pale as a vampire who hasn't fed in years. What are you to do?

Before you go off to the tanning salon, take note that artificial and natural sun rays can give you cancer and wrinkles- two things that don't go with any outfit. The British modeling world even banned fake tans at the year's London Fashion Week to show solidarity in the fight against fake tanning.

You might be wondering, 'what are my options?' Self tanning lotion has been on store shelves for years. It has come a long way from the orange-streaky/clothes-staining mess of the past into something that every person should have on hand.

Green People (GP) were nice enough to call when the spring line launched, asking if I would review their Self Tan Lotion. Of course I said yes! As mentioned in my previous review , my sensitive skin limits what lotions I can use. I also have a history of skin cancer in my family and used to be on medicine for my acne that made my skin more sensitive to the sun (yes, I have horrible genetics. Thanks Mom and Dad!). According to my doctor, I am not supposed to lie out and tan. My friends know they can count on me to have a giant tub of hypoallergenic sunscreen with me at all times. And often I still burn under an SPF of 30. I have been looking for an affordable self tanner for a long time but usually they contain evil ingredients that cause my skin to boil. Self tanning seems the best way to go for me rather than lying out in the sun.

The GP Self Tan Lotion recommends exfoliating the skin before use, preferably with their Sensuous Sugar Scrub. I didn't have a loofah or their scrub and believe this affected my results. I did try exfoliating in the shower with a white washcloth three times but the dye came off a tiny bit onto the cloth. I only applied the lotion on my left arm so I had a baseline (my right arm) to compare to.

First impressions- the pump gives you a large amount of lotion to use (well large if you only plan on using on your left forearm, which is why the experiment ended up being my entire arm). The lotion is the consistency of regular lotion and not too greasy. The smell is noticeable after application and reminds me of camping (I think this was due to citronella being an ingredient). My husband said it smelled "clean and eucalyptus-y" after I applied it. The smell only lasts an hour or so and no one else ever commented on it. I washed my hands immediately after applying and my right palm never looked orange or dark. The color change was subtle during the course of treatment. I slabbed on the lotion 8 times in a week and a half to obtain this result:

My left arm showed a little bit of darkening but never looked orange, streaky, or strange. A few people noticed the difference in my arms but only if I was wearing a sleeveless top and was out in the sun. I would imagine if I had exfoliated as directed on the bottle, my skin would have absorbed the color more readily. Four days after my last application, my left arm is still a little darker than my right arm. The color has never come off on any of my clothes, except the washcloth in the shower. Even then it was slight.

I really like that I can use this organic self tanning lotion (no nasty chemicals or parabens!) and not have to worry about being allergic. It is reasonably priced (£17.95 for 200ml) and even comes in a smaller size which is perfect for travel. It does NOT contain any sun protection factor (SPF) and CANNOT be used in lieu of suntan lotion. However, it will help you blend in at your first time on Brighton Beach this summer rather than being the beacon directing the boats to shore.

Green People did not pay me for this review. They graciously sent me the product and all opinions are honest and my own (and my husband's). If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me

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