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Monday, March 5, 2012

Punk. Rope. What do you think of when you hear those words? Mohawks? 3rd grade gym class? Do those two terms even go together?

My husband and I, certified Punk Rope instructors since 2009, think so. So do hundreds of other fitness enthusiasts, including Tim Haft, the ACE-certified personal trainer who created Punk Rope. The great news? You don’t need to have a Mohawk or wear spikes… You don’t even need to know how to jump rope. All that Punk Rope requires is a spirited attitude and the desire to move.

Because Tim couldn't find any fitness classes that were fun, challenging, or social, he was left to choose between attending classes that didn't thrill him and starting his own class. Punk Rope made its debut at New York University in October of 2004. The mission of Punk Rope is to build community, play to get fit, and promote health and fitness.

Punk Rope was originally designed for adults, but it also holds a large appeal for children too. Punk Rope has created a school-based program that has lesson plans for kindergarteners through high schoolers. There are instructors in about 18 states in the U.S. and Punk Rope is still growing. Tim recently spoke with a personal trainer in the UK (Manchester) about the possibility of him introducing Punk Rope over there and has also conducted an interview with TV Japan.

Since our certification, my husband and I have been blessed to share Punk Rope with many different groups. We have used it in Vacation Bible School, with ages 7 and up; a 64-year-old grandfather has attended class; and soccer players have used Punk Rope to stay in shape. Jump, play, jump, race, jump, laugh – who wouldn’t love this class?

Yes, there is definitely a message in Punk Rope! It's important to have variety in your workouts and high intensity exercise is good for you, some of the time. It's important to play, even as adults. By playing together in a fitness class, it becomes easy to form friendships and through friendships, it becomes easy to form community, and community is what Punk Rope is all about.
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Stacie Macias is a 30-something fitness enthusiast and mother of two, who does her best to encourage people of all ages to do things that make them feel fit. She believes that being fit doesn't come in a one-size-fits all package: it's not about how much one weighs or what size you wear, but how you feel. She likes to encourage women to find physical activity that they enjoy; be it soccer, lifting weights, or daily walks. She is a certified Punk Rope instructor, working towards a personal training certification and enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program in community health. Macias Athletic Club

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