Weekend Challenge

Friday, February 10, 2012

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Try to do this workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday at least 1x through. If it is easy, go through it again and count your repetitions each time. Good luck and let me know how you do! Remember my motto of "quality over quantity." I'd rather have you keep good form and do each exercise slowly. If you notice your form is compromised, take a break.

Quickie workout with 1 minute intervals of:
-Star jumps/jumping jacks
-Squats- stick bum out and keep knees behind toes
-Push ups - can be on your knees, against the wall, etc.
-Crunches- look at the ceiling above and behind you to keep from pulling with chin or hold tennis ball under your chin
-Plank- keep your shoulders over elbows and head/back/hips in alignment
-Leg lifts- keep lower back on floor by not lowering legs too low
-Supermans- you don't need to lift your arms and legs very high off of the ground, just a little bit
-Lunges- think of dropping your back knee almost to the ground rather than pushing forward. Keep knee behind toes.

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