Weekend Challenge- Stairway to Heaven

Friday, February 24, 2012

It is Friday and time for your weekend challenge. I would like you to take the stairs from the moment you read this until Sunday midnight.

Yes. Really.

You don't have to go fast. You can take a rest if you truly need to. Just take the stairs.

Even if you live on the top floor of your building... (put your groceries in the lift and meet it on your floor)
Even if you are on the Jubilee Line... (if you cannot find steps, WALK up the left side of the escalator)
Even if you are with small children... (make it a game to engage them in being healthy too)

You have been blessed with the ability to move around easily. The reason you come to this site is because you want to become healthier and fitter. Climbing the stairs will help make your heart and lungs stronger. It may also take your breath away, but that should improve with time if you keep up this challenge beyond the weekend. It is greener too. The only energy you are expending is your own.

If you already always take the stairs, make it more difficult but taking them 2 at a time or hopping up one step at a time. Do be careful with both of these suggestions and try not to hurt yourself please.

For extra fun, count every step you take this weekend and let me know your total! Good luck!

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