Weekend Challenge- Musical Motivation

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today's weekend challenge is fairly easy. Let's make a motivation play list! Leave a comment below with a song that helps you push through when you are just about to quit. Any genre, any time, just something that speaks to you.

My vote- Get on Your Boots by U2.

If you would like something a little more physical, give me 10 push ups every time you check Facebook and Twitter this weekend (Friday-Sunday). This includes mobile apps! Feel free to keep track and do them in bunches or with each login.

Looking forward to hearing what you are listening to!


  1. For me, it's Nina Simone - Here comes the sun!


  2. Taio Cruz- Dynamite
    Miley Cyrus- Can't Be Tamed
    3 Days Grace- Animal I have Become
    Kevin Rudolf- Let it Rock

  3. optimistic - sounds of blackness
    'ain't no stopping us now - mcfadden & whitehead
    follow the leader - soca boys
    rock this party- bob sinclair cutee b
    let the sunshine - labrinth

  4. You're going to laugh but I have a "tape" (ripped now to mp3) of US Army Rangers' cadences. Every once in awhile, I put this on. Nothing like a real-live drill seargent shouting at you to get you going. Next to that - best dance song evah - "It Takes Two" by Rob Base.


Thank you for your feedback!