Product Review: Green People Shampoo and Conditioner

Thursday, February 23, 2012

For those who don’t know me well, I have a skin allergy to quaternium-15 and other formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. It is unclear exactly how this developed but it is a sensitizing allergy, which means it becomes worse with continued exposure. My symptoms are tiny fluid-filled blisters on my hands and under my nails that itch like mad and sometimes leave open wounds or cause my nails to loosen (sorry to be graphic). ‘How hard can it be to avoid formaldehyde?’ you may be asking yourself. I will tell you- very. Most liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens, makeup, paint, etc. carry ingredients I need to avoid, such as:

• Imidazolidinyl urea (Germall®)
• Diazolidinyl urea (Germall II®)
• DMDM hydantoin (Glydant®)
• Bromonitropropane diol (Bronopol™)
• Tris (hydroxymethyl) nitromethane (Tris Nitro®)

Awesome, right? I can’t even use soap in public bathrooms (don’t fret I carry hand sanitizer) or get manicures anymore. This is why I was thrilled to discover the Green People (GP) brand in a shop in Greenwich, UK called So Organic. At the time, I was on the hunt for an under eye cream that didn’t contain nasty chemicals. Luckily, GP had the answer in a little white tube. I have been using GP’s Eye Cream Soothing Nourishing Night Treat for a few months now to help fight the over-30 laughter lines around my eyes. If I am brave enough, one day I will post my before and after photos.

Shampoo and conditioner are bathroom staples that I have trouble finding. I can’t just walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. My allergist in the USA recommended a certain brand of shampoo, which I had to order online for a hefty price. The brand I was using left my hair too greasy and looking straggly (think Riff Raff in RHPS and Jay of Jay and Silent Bob). Since moving to the UK, I have had to bring it back a few bottles at a time in my suitcase.

Greta at GP replied positively to my email asking for samples of products to try and quickly sent GP’s Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to me. The Intensive Repair Shampoo is for coloured/treated hair (Mine has been coloured since I was 18, blown dry at least every other day and nearly always back in a pony tail. It needed some TLC). I immediately jumped in the shower after receiving Greta’s parcel. GP has kept its packaging consistent with modern, clean white tubes with simple text. The shampoo and conditioner tubes open at the bottom, which ensures every last bit will be used. I experienced water accumulating in the lid so I moved it away from the shower head. Even though there is no sodium lauryl sulfate (which causes foaming, making you think your hair is getting clean), my shampoo instantly lathered (old brand did not). For my fine shoulder length hair, I only need about a dime/5p coin-sized dollop to work its magic. It does say on the bottle ‘a little goes a long way!’ The smell is lovely too- green tea and aloe vera are listed on the packaging and have a subtle presence. I was equally impressed with the conditioner. Following the directions, I left it on for a minute and rinsed thoroughly.

One blown dry, my hair was soft and smooth. I purposely didn’t use my leave-in conditioner so I could get a feel for the product. My hair felt and looked just as good on Day 2 (I try to only wash my hair every other day. My grandma says it is better for your hair and I agree). I used the product all week and was continually amazed. I highly recommend Green People’s Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner, even though it is a tad more expensive that shampoo in the grocery store. But, as the packaging says, a little goes a long way so the 200 ml/6.8 floz bottle should last you a while. Green People takes pride in the quality of their ingredients over high street brands, meaning you get what you pay for. My only question is- when will a matching leave-in conditioner be released?

Green People was started by a caring mom, Charlotte Vøhtz, in 1994, after her 2 year old daughter suffered from eczema and severe skin allergies. She has committed to never use chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Parabens or synthetic fragrances or colourants in her products. The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and EcoCert were able to certify the Green People products as organic.

Green People did not pay me for this review. They graciously sent me the product and all opinions are honest and my own. If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me


  1. Hi Mollie, Thanks for the lovely review! The Aloe Vera Styling Gel can be used as a lovely leave-in conditioner, leaves hair soft and lightly holds styles in place. The Green People

  2. Good review!!! Thanks for sharing online!!


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