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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Access Bars™ is a gentle touch energy therapy that at its best can change your life, at its worst it will feel like an amazing massage. That’s one of the tag lines used to describe this gentle touch therapy. About two years ago during one of our regular sessions my acupuncturist said to me, “Hey, want to try some new weird stuff I’ve been doing?” Of course I said yes! And right away I was hooked on the Access Bars™. I was one of those whose whole life has changed.

Having your “bars run” releases stored up energy in points on your head that correlate to certain areas of your life - like healing, aging, and even money. By touching these points we can begin to 'erase the hard drive' and have more space to create what we truly desire in these areas of our lives. This therapy can provide relief from depression and anxiety. People who have their bars run improve their sleep, their metabolism, and even their relationships with friends and family. Another ‘side effect’ is a healthier relationship with your body. You may have more joy, appreciation, and desire more movement without some of the energetic garbage limiting what your body can do. Below I describe what a session receiving bars is like, and also list some reasons to take the full one day class.

What is a session like?
Well, you get comfy-cozy on a massage table, fully clothed (people who don’t feel comfortable receiving massage or have never had bodywork before will like this). Then the practitioner begins the session by gently touching points on your head. They will stay on each point for awhile before moving onto the next. Deep relaxation, deep sleep is very common! Also it’s a time for your body and your mind to truly quiet and let go of all the tension it’s been holding onto – this could be difficult for some of us that are used to holding everything in, to simply lie there and receive. However, whether you are twitchy, sleepy, or not feeling anything – the energy is running and working. A session can be anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

What is an all day Access Bars™ class like?
1. So much fun! Laughter is guaranteed.
2. Relaxing – Learning how to run the bars on others is a very easy relaxing process. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of working with energy or bodywork.
3. Receiving - You get to receive. Being fully open to receiving is not something that comes naturally to us, we’ve been taught to protect and guard ourselves. What if just by lowering that barrier we could find total ease in our bodies and lives?
4. Energetically clear all the junk that’s not yours and all the judgments and limitation that’s been stopping you from living your best life.
5. Just by taking this one class you become a certified practitioner and can begin sharing Access Bars™ with others – friends, family, clients.
6. See numbers 1—5.

Access Bars™ has changed my life. I have that better relationship with my body, I’ve slept better than I ever have, and am more aware and open to new possibilities for my life. It has also changed my massage practice. It’s helped me connect with my clients in a different way; my awareness of what’s actually going on in their body has increased and that allows for greater ease in facilitating the desired change. Bars + bodywork = even more healing!

Access Consciousness was founded over 20 years ago by Gary Douglas. Its target, through Access Bars™ and other class offerings, is to empower people to know that they know. Gary discovered the bars because he began asking questions – his life wasn’t working for him anymore and he became opening to receiving awareness about a new way of being in this reality that would actually work. Now Gary has shared this knowledge worldwide. Access Consciousness is available in over 25 countries.
It’s not a cure, it’s not an answer. It’s just another possibility, another tool to have to live your life with ease, joy, and glory. Ask a question and see what adding bars to your life might be like!

To find out more, to find a practitioner near you, or take an Access Bars™ class click here.

Special Class at Nourished Health Center in Denver
Saturday, February 18th 10AM-6PM
What could be better than an all day Access Bars™ class? Adding yoga! Sarah Wolfgram, ERYT, founder of Carving Space Yoga, will lead us through a restorative yoga class! You will be guided through a series of supine postures, supported by blankets and bolsters to unwind, nourish, renew and restore in a practice of intentional relaxation and guided meditation. All props are provided.

Please register here:

Bonnie St. John is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Bars™ Facilitator, and Registered Yoga Teacher. She specializes in deep tissue and myofascial bodywork, finding the best results for her clients by adding the Access™ Energy work. She uses her awareness of the body to guide her yoga students through safe and challenging classes. Ultimately connecting to each client and student, allowing them to go further within themselves, to discover something new and true about their being and body.

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