4 Standing Ab Exercises

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I just stumbled upon this article from Women's Health which gives written and pictorial directions for 4 abdominal exercises. These are great for work or waiting for the bus stop as you don't need any equipment. If you find them easy, hold a weight (if a weight isn't handy, use your water bottle, a can of soup, your backpack, etc) or do more repetitions. Use these exercises to re-energize at 3pm when you normally head to the snack machine.

I would like to add a good belly laugh, hula-hooping, and kick boxing hooks and crosses as other good standing abdominal exercises.

Remember you want to balance your abs and lower back. The next time you lay down for abdominal exercises, add in a few sets of Supermans.

** Please do not try this if you have a weak/bad back or recent back injury **

To perform a Superman:
1. Lay face down on a mat or floor with arms extended over the head.
2. Raise opposite arm and opposite leg. This doesn't need to be very high off the ground, just enough to feel the muscles in lower back contract.
3. Count to 3. Lower.
4. Repeat on other side.
5. Once you feel strong enough, try lifting all 4 limbs at once remembering the limbs don't have to be very high off the ground for this exercise to be effective.

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