Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you for much for visiting my PT Mollie blog. Here I hope you find a reliable reference for healthy tips, recipes, nutritional information, and motivation. This community is a safe place for sharing and learning from each other too.

Before we get too far along, let me tell you a little about my fitness journey. I have never been a competitive athlete per say, but always sporty. In 3rd grade (age 8) I failed the Presidential Fitness Test and was put on an at-home fitness regime. I was cut from soccer (football) 3 out of 4 years in high school. But I love to dance, I love to compete, so I keep trying to overcome my genetics. During college and beyond, I played on recreational soccer and softball teams, mostly as a way to meet new people.

How did I end up with Spinning certification? Friends and I registered for a 10K race in October 2006. During training, I developed Achilles tendinitis on both legs. Soccer aggravated it so much that in the mornings after a game, I hobbled around the house like a senior citizen. Spinning offered me a high cardio-low impact option to sweat and smile but not over do it. I became Mad Dogg Athletics certified in the spring of 2009.

While teaching Spinning at Michigan State University, an opportunity arose to receive AFAA Personal Training certification for free! I was thrilled as many of my clients asked me fitness questions I did not feel qualified answering. In February 2010, I was able to add personal trainer to my list of hobbies.

Spinning and personal training have opened many doors for me as a 'fun' job. I have met fantastic people and learned a great deal about myself as a leader and motivator. I feel privileged that people trust me with their health and confide in me their goals so we can walk (or run or swim!) the path together!

I hope you visit often to find new information and motivation to lead a healthy, happy life. Please feel free to send me your suggestions, links, recipes, and photos for sharing by emailing me: pt.mollie@gmail.com.

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