Monday, January 23, 2012

Here is what my former clients have to say:

"I had Mollie as both my personal trainer and spin instructor. She is so energetic and positive that she made working out enjoyable. She was very effective and I really saw changes in my body. She listened to my feedback and really tailored the workouts to me. She was also an amazing spin instructor. Her rides were so tough but her fun music and big smile made it so I actually looked forward to class! I have taken spin classes with other instructors and no one is quite as awesome as Mollie! She really cares about those she trains and made such an effort to keep her clients accountable in their workout efforts. She was punctual, professional, effective, creative, and fun."

-Rachel S., member at Parkwood YMCA, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA

"Mollie began her personal training sessions for my friend any myself in the summer of 2010. Both of us were 59 years old at the time and had started out thin in our early lives. However, over the years we had put on weight and had a difficult time losing it because of our sedentary jobs and lack of time and motivation to exercise. Mollie was scheduled to plan exercise activities and training using weights, twice a week. I averaged about once a week training with Mollie. She also encouraged exercise activities outside of our personal training sessions which I did. I have been diagnosed with osteopena, the beginnings of bone loss and had been advised by doctors to increase weight bearing activities. Also, I had the wedding of my youngest daughter in early November, 2010.

Needless to say, I lost a lot of weight, and inches off of my body with the programs that Mollie put together. That and a new hair style, brought TONS of complements by the time of the wedding!!! Mollie made each session interesting and varied the types of exercises. She was also very patient with us and geared the exercises to our age and abilities. In addition she gave us print outs of these routines with our accomplishments (weights used, etc) that we could use at home. And I still have the copies that I can go back to and use today. Most of the weight that I lost is still off, though I admit, I had not kept up the exercises that I should. However, I do some and keep active. If Mollie had not moved to England, I would love to have kept up a maintenance plan with her. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer!"

-Janice H., at home personal training client, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA

"Mollie had been the perfect addition to my fitness regime. After quite a break from exercise, she has understood my needs and helped me achieve my goals in a very short space of time. Her sessions are varied, but considered, and each work-out is tailored to include exercises I can also do at home.

It's sometimes tough, but always enjoyable, so would highly recommend Mollie to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

-Kate B., at home personal training client, London, United Kingdom

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